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January 2, 2017

Paid Search

Great paid advertising should help bring in customers, not just clicks. With precise targeting and a strong strategy based on your dealership’s goals you will succeed in paid search. We utilize all areas of paid search to help you get get the most out of your SEM whether it’s pay-per-click (PPC), display advertising, video advertising, remarketing, or social media ads.

Each dealership is unique and your paid search should be unique as well. We’ll find the right audience for your message, make compelling creative, and make sure your budget is being used as efficiently as possible. We’ll also let you know where you stand in the marketplace by providing competitive analysis. Every one of our paid search campaigns are custom-built from the ground up for each client. We write the ads, do the targeting, and do custom creative for every client.

We don’t have one playbook we roll out for every dealership, we figure out your dealership’s goals and tailor your paid search strategy to suit your needs and get you the most value for your budget. You will also be getting complete transparency about costs and performance.

What We Offer

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Drive more car shoppers to your website with our custom pay-per-click campaigns.


Convert more of your website visitors into leads by positioning targeted ads to engaged shoppers who previously visited your website.

Display Advertising

Brand your dealership to the right audience with rich media ads, banner ads, and more with display advertising.

Video Advertising

Reach your car shoppers with compelling video advertising on video-based sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Social Media Ads

Reach a broader audience with social media advertising on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

What’s Included

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We’ll research your audience, dealership, and market to understand what is going to deliver the best results and best return on investment.
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Custom Creative

We write compelling copy, create stunning visual pieces, and use precise targeting for all of your campaigns.
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You’ll receive frequent updates as to how your paid search is contributing to your dealership’s success.

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