Automotive Digital Strategy at Make & Model Marketing
January 2, 2017

Digital Marketing Analytics, Reporting, and Strategy

We know there is a stack of reports from various vendors lurking in your inbox (or trash). They’re likely filled with directional arrows, red and green numbers, and fancy charts. There’s no shortage of data when it comes to digital marketing. The problem is that sometimes the metrics being tracked aren’t the ones that matter most. In addition, without any meaningful insight as to how all of this data relates to your dealership’s goals, it’s tough to tell if your marketing is providing a return on your investment.

Your dealership is unique and your digital marketing strategy should be too. As your digital marketing partner, we’ll start by learning about your dealership’s goals and developing digital marketing strategies to help you achieve them. We’ll meet every month to review results, follow-up on projects, and plan out the next steps in our strategy. In addition, you’ll receive one, condensed report on all of your marketing channels so you can make better business decisions.

We believe you’ll see the most success when your SEO, paid search, content marketing, and even your traditional advertising work best together. If you have a team at the dealership with the capacity to carry out the strategy, we’ll provide all the support they need. If not, we’ll implement the strategy on your behalf and can work within any website platform and any vendor to get the job done. You can rest assured that all of your marketing efforts will be working in concert with one another.

What’s Included


We’ll review the performance of all of your marketing channels and provide you with meaningful insights as to what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it.


We’ll work together to develop a digital marketing strategy that supports your dealership’s goals and the objectives that need to be carried out to achieve them.


Your strategy will be executed with an unparalleled attention to detail found nowhere else in the automotive digital marketing world.

Also Included


We don’t have a ticket system or a call center or a support email address. You’ll always get a real person when you call or email for advice, help, or just to chat.


You’ll have access to all of the data and platforms we have access to and we’re happy to link up to any reporting tools you utilize.


Our co-founders both spent their entire lives in the retail automotive industry prior to founding Make & Model. We bring both an understanding of how dealerships operate and digital marketing expertise to the table.

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