Automotive Content Marketing at Make & Model Marketing
January 2, 2017

Content Marketing

Content marketing will help your dealership be visible to your customers with the right message at the right time. No matter where your potential customers are in the car-buying process, you need to deliver the answers they’re looking for in an engaging way. By now, you’ve probably heard 1000 adages about content. Content is king. Your content must be evergreen. It must be fresh. The list goes on. But, content that’s for everyone is for no one. You need a content marketing strategy. To form your content strategy, we do a deep dive into understanding who your customers are and what they’re looking for.

We then get to know your market, your brand, and research what kind of voice should deliver your message. We also need to find out what you want to achieve with your content marketing. Increasing service retention? Pulling in customers from other brands? Boosting your CSI? Once we’ve set up some clear goals, we’ll guide you through each step of the content marketing process from creation to execution and promotion.

Whether you’re in need of content marketing to pull in more organic traffic, help your paid search campaigns perform better, or sell the benefits of doing business with you, we have everything you need to connect you with your customers.

What’s Included


We’ll get in the minds of your customers to find out what types of information they’re seeking and what content will suit their needs.


From copy to design to coding, we’ll execute all of the elements needed to truly make your content sing.


Proper search engine optimization and calls to action will ensure visibility and make sure your customers move along in your conversion funnel.

Also Included


We’ll consistently report back to you on the success of your content marketing strategy and review whether or not it’s making an impact for your dealership.


We’ll help you find the best marketing channels to use to promote your content and help you get maximum visibility.

Reviews & Tweaks

As we review how your content is performing, we’ll tweak elements of the page to make them more successful.

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