You Need to Get Your Point Across Fast – Twitter Fast

AutoTrader gives you those same 140 characters – just 90 characters – to convince someone that of the thousands of cars available in the marketplace, yours is the one they should learn more about.

Of the three listings below – which one best catches your attention?

MINI Certified? 17″ Alloys? Harmon/Kardon Audio? That beats the hell out of “a truly fantastic” and “good looking” car – or that my “…quest for a gently used car is over.”

I can almost hear the shopper now…

“Cut to the chase MINI dealer – Why is this MINI the perfect car for me? What makes it special? I don’t have all day!”

Here’s an example of two descriptions for the same 2015 MINI Cooper Hardtop. Take special notice of the first 90 GREEN characters (all you will see in a SRP) and the first 140 YELLOW characters (all you will see in an Autotrader SRP) and then assuming those short “teasers” entice you to click through to the full description – which description better explains what makes THIS car special, and WHY it’s the perfect car for me?

So here are some best practices when you’re writing those vehicle descriptions:

  • Bullet-point key features and options (yes, like this list)
  • If not bullet-points – short paragraphs separated by white space.
  • Don’t be wordy! Get your points across quickly and concisely.
  • Front-load your descriptions –try to fit the car’s best features in a twitter post!
  • Standard features can build value. Just because they don’t cost extra doesn’t mean they don’t have value! (think CPO warranties, free maintenance, etc…)
  • Add any current programs and incentives at the end of the description as your Call to Action.

And yes — I can hear the groaning already — “Put monthly programs and incentives in the vehicle descriptions?? That means I have to change my descriptions every month!”

Yep. And that’s why it’s called “Selling” and not “Waiting”.