March 13, 2017

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Darius Burgan

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Hey, I’m Darius…I was going to narrate (in third person, of course) a deep and interesting biography about my background and interest and other things that usually go in here. But Jackie agreed to let me speak in first person (Is this a good idea?) so here I go:

I’m the newest (and youngest) member of the crew. I help with digital marketing and copywriting. My day consist of working hard, listening to Jackie and Anthony reference movies (how can you even remember that many movies lines?), and eating chicken and broccoli everyday for lunch.

Oh yeah, I like music, basketball, and exercising too!

Ps: I might lose my job because, I pack my lunch everyday and never go grab lunch with the crew. Please send healthy lunch options from restaurants in Lakewood, so I don’t lose my job.