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January 2, 2017

About Our Agency

Make & Model Marketing is Your Digital Marketing Team

We’re dedicated to help you sell more cars, book more service, and increase profitability. We provide a boutique experience for dealerships that deserve a marketing partner invested in their success.

Prior to co-founding Make & Model Marketing, both Brian McNulty and Jackie Studor had spent their entire lives working in the retail automotive business. Brian spent ten years delivering operations-consulting for dealerships across the US and Canada followed by seven years with Porsche Cars of North America where he founded and pioneered its Dealer Business Consulting department. Jackie’s family had a Nissan dealership for over 35 years where she sold cars, performed as a finance manager, and eventually found her passion for digital marketing as the dealership’s first internet manager.

Brian and Jackie met while working together for one of the top 100 dealership groups in the country — Brian as its VP of Operations and Jackie as its Marketing Director. During their time in these positions, the automotive group blossomed from seven franchises to over 30 with digital marketing as a key ingredient in each dealership’s growth and success. Over time, the two cultivated their own team of designers, videographers, and writers to establish an in-house creative department.

As the dealership group grew, it became clear that while “bigger = better” is true for legroom and cargo space, it is not for digital marketing. Brian and Jackie worked to streamline a digital marketing strategy across all marketing channels and focus on the metrics that matter, but they were met with one-size-fits-all mentalities and cookie-cutter approaches. This is when they resolved to find a better solution.

Brian and Jackie surveyed 20 groups as well as automotive conference attendees to discover what matters: the quick, efficient “personal touch” approach of an in-house marketing team. Unfortunately, many groups lacked the time or means to establish their own.

Enter: Make & Model Marketing

After a few games of pinball and a ton of Starbucks, Brian and Jackie planted the seeds for an independent in-house digital marketing team of SEO experts, paid search experts, content writers, graphic designers, web developers, social media gurus, and videographers. This dedicated team, founded in Cleveland, OH, provides all the necessities for an effective digital marketing strategy that aims and delivers on enhancing automotive business across multiple media channels.

We’re Great At Talking About Marketing

Need someone to speak at your next conference, 20 group meeting, or family barbecue? We love talking about the automotive industry and digital marketing. If you’re interested, please get a hold of us.

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